Who am I?

My name is Kim and I am a settler teacher living and working on the Songhees and Esquimalt land in Victoria, BC, Canada. I have been a teacher in mainstream and alternative education settings for the past 10 years. I have worked in some of the most challenging schools with what some would call the most "challenging" students. After many trials and even more errors, I have found some incredibly powerful strategies, stemming from trauma informed practice, to engage even the most reluctant learners - and it all starts with relationship!

I'm a Registered Clinical Counselor in BC, and I have run both educational and therapeutic programs and workshops for youth in a multitude of settings. From mainstream kindergarten to grade 12 classrooms, youth in custody, inpatient addictions treatment, and high-risk youth experiencing suicidal ideation, I have had the privilege of testing out many educational and therapeutic theories in attempts to best support youth. I am passionate about creating meaningful connection and community for students in my classroom and increasing teacher awareness of trauma informed practices and mental health. I have found some tried and true practices to create a DREAM classroom and a sustainable career in education I'd always imagined!


Although everyone is unique in which approach works for them, I've gathered information and tools for educators to help YOU create your ideal classroom and build the types of meaningful relationships that keep students connected to your class and engaged in their learning!